The finest in contemporary international art & illustration

Is Illustration art?
When do the bounds between illustration and art blur?
Is there even a clear boundary?

24 of the worldwide most respected artists and
illustrators are presented on 200 coloured pages.
Besides the respective background information,
every artist gets to speak his own
personal rating about the subject.

Featured Artists:
Andrew Hem (US), Dice Tsutsumi (JAP),
Ima One (JAP), Kenichi Hoshine (US), Antoine Revoy (FR), Cityabyss (PO),
Vierfarbraum (GER), Daniel Schüßler (GER), Nicholas di Genova (CAN),
Eric Joyner (US), Stylefighting (GER), Flin (GER), Jeff Färber (US),
Starjump (GER), Ecb (GER), Tomer Hanuka (ISRAEL), Clifford Urban (BEL),
Joshua Hagler (US), Content Provider (GER), Vandata (GER),
Lucas Aguirre (ARG), Fons Schiedon (NED), Konstanze Schöffl (GER),
Os Gemeos (BRA).